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"This was a full website redesign, and Mandeep did a phenomenal job. He has incredible skills with WordPress and Elementor and has an expert-level understanding of responsive CSS.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mandeep for any WordPress development work. He is an extremely valuable asset to any team."
Daniel King
"Mandeep is a very committed and professional Wordpress developer. The first draft of our website was very good and we liked it from the beginning. I gave Mandeep a hard time, since I'm myself a programmer and only accept perfect quality. It took some time, but Mandeep was never tired to try out new things and fix bugs. He was always reachable, has good english skills and is hard working. I would recommend him!"
"Mandeep is a very pleasant, patient, and fully committed freelancer who is not shy of hard work. His communication skills were fluent, and his skills were reasonably strong. I enjoyed working with him and will very likely have additional jobs for him in the future."
"Mandeep really cares about doing his work well and providing quality result. I really like how professional he was and respectful of the contract. Mandeep is reliable, his skills at WORD PRESS are excellent and he can be trusted and relied on with sensitive data. I like his communication style and his commitment to achieve promised delivery. If you need a professional website I recommend Mandeep as your expert."
"The freelancer Mandeep did an awesome job! He gave a real professional touch to our official website, which displays his experience and efficiency in the particular field of web designing. Excellent job Mandeep! 10/10"
Mandeep, did an excellent job in build the UI we needed for the application. Our previous UI was boring and dull, Mandeep not only made the UI come alive but what I liked most about his work was the fact he took the time to understand what I am looking for and recommended a few enhancements to the product. That was something I left was missing from other people that I have worked with in the past."
Sameer Maini
"Mandeep is a highly capable, fantastic web developer. We had a very complicated, price-manipulating, scheduling, payment-taking booking form we needed built. We didn't know much at all about how to make this, but we were able to explain what we wanted -- Mandeep turned our vision into reality. He's very patient and really works to make sure he understands exactly what you're thinking before he gets creating. I highly recommend him for your next project!"
Cole Rhodes
"From start to finish Mandeep was awesome. I had a vision of what I wanted for my website and in a 5 minute video chat he was able to make that become reality. We were on the same page the whole time. He delivered on everything he said he would and got everything done on time. He is always working for his clients. Went above and beyond for me and I will be using him for all of my web/corporate design work going forward. It was a pleasure working with him and getting to know him. His custom design work and vision was exactly what I was looking for. He is very skilled and I would recommend him to anyone looking for any type of design or back-end work."
Jack Weston